Arts Alive

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For those of you not behind the redwood curtain, Arts Alive is a monthly showing of local art. It all happens in Old Town Eureka on the first Saturday of the month. This month I have my Global Multimedia Collage pieces up at Shipwrecked. For those of you inside the curtain, Shipwrecked is a shop on third and F street in Old Town. I will be there this Saturday evening, come visit me. Here is  a small sampling of what will be there.

dec-6-015-small.jpg cards-068-small.jpg cards-049-small.jpg cards-038-small.jpg cards-053-small.jpg cards-058-small.jpg


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Here is my latest painting. I did not have a board big enough so I used several smaller boards I salvaged from the cabinet shop.


Also, Clark’s cloak as mentioned in my last post, is now holding court at an accountant’s firm on the corner of 4th and F st in Eureka,  anyone in the area can go visit him. Or go by the Morris Graves Museum in town and get a map for the Art in Motion art walk and see all the sculptures.

Clark’s Cloak

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Clark is modeling a fabulous cloak knitted entirely out of surf grass and adorned with shells all collected off Northern California’s Clam Beach. He will be showing his Cloak next month for the Arts In Motion Exhibition in Eureka, Ca. Stay tuned for more details.

legless-and-friends-014-small.jpg legless-and-friends-015-small.jpg

Boredom, not Necessity, is the Mother of Invention

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This is a thing that I made out of paper I found on the emergency room floor, while I was waiting for my son to recover from his allergy attack. In my haste to get to the ER I did not think to bring anything to do or read. Fortunately boredom is the mother of invention. I found a paper wrapper for surgical gloves and began tearing it into one long strip. Than I twisted the strip and used two pencils to knit this little swatch. This is a true oddity.

Phyllospadix scouleri

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I am sure I am the only who cares at all about this but the seaweed that I have been annoying for the last three years is not seaweed at all. It’s common name is surf grass and its scientific name is the unpronounceable title of this post.

legless-and-friends-012-small.jpg Guess I need to change the name of my blog, knitted phyllospadix scauleri just does not have the same ring to it.

Old Stuff

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Here are a few of my flower paintings that I did several years ago. I have been lazy with the paintings as of late, mostly because I was in Thailand for two weeks and then catching up to California time last week. And then of course busy making cards. I collected lots of leaves, ticket stubs and trash while I traveled around South Asia.

alice-n-camille-008-small.jpg my-poppies-001-small.jpg alice-n-camille-006-small.jpg fusha-small.jpg paintings-002-small.jpg

The daisy I painted as a thank you to a friend who helped with our daughter’s wedding, the poppies were my first commission, the sunflower was a gift to a good friend, the fuschia was just because and so was the daffodil.

Bag o’ Leaves

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I was busy this weekend and made myself a purse out of leftover Irish linen. I used the scraps I have accumulated from doing piece work for a local company that makes fancy shirts. I am still stuck in my leaf phase which explains this design.



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I moved my paintings this week from the Humboldt Area Foundation to Humboldt Orthopedics. Including these two new paintings. Which do not have names.


Artist Statement

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I’ve looked at leaves from both sides now….

Not long ago I was sitting in a darkened theater watching a play. My eyes were drawn to the beam of light that the spotlight made. I watched the little specks of dust floating through space. Suddenly I was deep in the vastness of our insignificance. There are over six billion people on this planet — a number I can’t get my head around. I do know that it makes me pretty ordinary.

I think, to an American, being ordinary is an insult; we must be unique and individual. We are raised on this mantra, though I now doubt it. I am just like everyone else on my street, my block, my town.

Then it struck me. This is why I paint leaves. At first glance all leaves look the same. We can’t see the leaves for the tree. When they are on the tree they are rather uniform, there is very little distinction from one leaf to the next. It is only when they begin to change colors and fall off the tree that they become unique. Much like people, the truly interesting ones are flawed, broken, and changing colors.

So these paintings are my cry into the great well of insignificance. I am unique, rare and not like other leaves.

On the other hand, leaves symbolize shame. Adam and Eve used them to cover themselves in the garden and to hide from their Creator who loved them with an all inclusive, overwhelming, unconditional love. My paintings highlight that shame and our freedom from it. When we recognize and acknowledge the shame, only then can we get out from under it.


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The leaf that modeled for this painting came from Tombstone Arizona. Once I finished the painting it reminded me of the hills around Tombstone, thus its name. I painted this to replace Autumn Way, which was up at the Humboldt Area Foundation but is now safely back in my bedroom where it belongs. So if you want to see Tombstone you can stop by the Humboldt Area Foundation.


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