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Artist Challenge

Posted by on 20 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Paintings

Every year the Ink People host a fund raiser called Artist Challenge. The challenge is to do 15 completely new works of art in 30 days. They all have to be the same size, but medium and canvas can be different. Then the art will  be on sale at the Ink People for the month of December. I am 17 days into the challenge and I have 12 pieces done. Here is what I have photos of so far. These are all 8×10 which is a smaller field than I am use to, thus the challenge.

dsci0994-small.JPG     dsci0998-small.JPG   dsci0999-small.JPG   dsci1001-small.JPG     dsci0997-small.JPG


Posted by on 19 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Paintings

Here is the last of my Japanese Maples, I call it Sad, Sorry Stereotype


Not What you Think

Posted by on 08 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Paintings

This is the second in my series of three. I know what it looks like and it is not what you think. I am sorry for the quality of the photo. As I said I am having camera difficulties. Right now these painting are hanging in the Radiation and Oncology unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.


Japanese Maple

Posted by on 05 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Paintings

I painted this last summer but I was having camera trouble so I am finally getting it up now. I was not going to paint a Japanese Maple leaf because it looks so much like other kinds of leaves that are ever so prevelent in my neck of the woods. I, for one, am thoroughly sick of said leaves and the lifestyle that seems to come with them. So this is my tiny little protest againist the dominiate business in my community.