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For those of you not behind the redwood curtain, Arts Alive is a monthly showing of local art. It all happens in Old Town Eureka on the first Saturday of the month. This month I have my Global Multimedia Collage pieces up at Shipwrecked. For those of you inside the curtain, Shipwrecked is a shop on third and F street in Old Town. I will be there this Saturday evening, come visit me. Here is  a small sampling of what will be there.

dec-6-015-small.jpg cards-068-small.jpg cards-049-small.jpg cards-038-small.jpg cards-053-small.jpg cards-058-small.jpg


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Here is my latest painting. I did not have a board big enough so I used several smaller boards I salvaged from the cabinet shop.


Also, Clark’s cloak as mentioned in my last post, is now holding court at an accountant’s firm on the corner of 4th and F st in Eureka,  anyone in the area can go visit him. Or go by the Morris Graves Museum in town and get a map for the Art in Motion art walk and see all the sculptures.