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House Afire

Posted by on 31 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

I saw this ladybug on a calla lily leaf on my front porch. It is 26.5″ x 21.5″ acrylic on plywood. The title is after the children’s nursery rhyme about the ladybug.


Shame Exposed

Posted by on 29 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

Leaves symbolize shame, Adam and Eve used them to cover themselves in the garden, in a desperate attempt to hide their shame, from the Creator. This painting highlights our shame and the total futility of trying to hide from it, only when we face the shame can we crawl out from under it.


Love and Indifference

Posted by on 28 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

This is actually four panels upon which I painted one picture. It is 28″x 38″. Originally I wanted each panel to stand on its own but now that it’s finished it seems a shame to break up the family. I titled it “Love and Indifference” because hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. Two of the panels I love and two I am indifferent to.


The Start

Posted by on 18 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

Here is the painting that started me off on my journey through leaf land. I painted it over a year ago when we first arrived back from Europe and the fall leaves were so novel to me. It is 37″x 17″ and as with the other paintings it is done in acrylics on a piece of scrap lumber I picked from the freebie bin at the local cabinet shop.

autumn-small.jpg Here are three others in this collection, the first one is 10″x 10″ the second one is 21″x 17″ and the third is 37″x 9 1/2″. They all have very prosaic names like Small Oak Leaf, Oak Leaf and Eucalyptus. oak-leaf-2-small.jpgoak-leaf-small.jpgeucalyptus-small.jpg

Knitted Seaweed

Posted by on 13 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Oddity

As promised here is some knitted seaweed. It is hard to see in these little photos but that net like bit is knitted seaweed. I collect long strings of seaweed off the beach near our house.  The piece on the left has a scrap of an ocean chart as a background with stamps from Senegal, the US and Norway. The piece on the has a picture of a lighthouse that I cannibalized from an old Golden Book Encyclopedia.

These are cards that I have framed in simple Euroclip frames,

they are priced at $35 a piece, I have been known to make custom pieces too, so if you have any stray bits of ephemera, let me know.dec-6-015-small.jpgdec-6-014-small.jpg

Alternative Galleries Progam

Posted by on 06 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

 My artwork has been selected to be part of the Ink People’s alternative galleries program. For those of you outside the redwood curtain, the Ink People Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource and support for local artists. Their alternative galleries program connects artists with local businesses who want art. I will be in the regular rotation for the coming year.  Which means my work will be hanging in a place like the Eureka City Hall or Humboldt Orthopedics for two months, then I will move it to another location for two months. Stay tuned I will let you know where when I know.

Here is another painting, this one is 3′x 4′ it is called Transition, and it is for sale.



Posted by on 05 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

Yes, another leaf, this one is 7 1/2 x 12. Effulge means to shine out.



Posted by on 04 Dec 2007 | Tagged as: Paintings

storm-small.jpgI did this painting last weekend during our first winter storm. The painting is 11 x 8 but the original leaf was only 3 cm long. It is for sale if anyone is interested,  email me.