Cards at the Co-op

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I sold a dozen cards to the Co-op in Eureka, this is not one of them.  If those sell well, they will buy more, so if you are in the area, go to the Co-op and buy a card. Thanks

I am back.

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I know that it has been forever since I have posted. But I am still making cards and here is a new design.

Spandex Blanket-another odditiy

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My friend Candi has an autistic son who loves the feel of spandex. When she learned that I sew she asked me to make a blanket for him out of spandex. Everyone she had asked told her it was impossible. Just the words I needed to inspire me.  After much research and then lots of stitching here it is. dsc03666

Candi’s son loves it.

Dancing and Narentstseg

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I called the painting of the tree dancing because the tree seemed to be dancing, as much as a tree can dance. The sunflower is called Narentstseg because that is my Mongolian name. It means sunflower. My apologies to my Mongolian friends for my incorrect spelling.


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I have finally finished the Artist Challenge. It was a challenge, but I am glad I did it.  I think I am finally over the leaves. All of these will be for sale at the Ink People in Eureka at 411 12th St. starting this Saturday, Dec. 6th through Dec. 13.

dsci1037-small.JPG  dsci1038-small.JPG    dsci1039-small.JPG  dsci1025-small.JPG    dsci1026-small.JPG  dsci1011-small.JPG  dsci1012-small.JPG   dsci1013-small.JPG   dsci1014-small.JPG

Artist Challenge

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Every year the Ink People host a fund raiser called Artist Challenge. The challenge is to do 15 completely new works of art in 30 days. They all have to be the same size, but medium and canvas can be different. Then the art will  be on sale at the Ink People for the month of December. I am 17 days into the challenge and I have 12 pieces done. Here is what I have photos of so far. These are all 8×10 which is a smaller field than I am use to, thus the challenge.

dsci0994-small.JPG     dsci0998-small.JPG   dsci0999-small.JPG   dsci1001-small.JPG     dsci0997-small.JPG


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Here is the last of my Japanese Maples, I call it Sad, Sorry Stereotype


Not What you Think

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This is the second in my series of three. I know what it looks like and it is not what you think. I am sorry for the quality of the photo. As I said I am having camera difficulties. Right now these painting are hanging in the Radiation and Oncology unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka.


Japanese Maple

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I painted this last summer but I was having camera trouble so I am finally getting it up now. I was not going to paint a Japanese Maple leaf because it looks so much like other kinds of leaves that are ever so prevelent in my neck of the woods. I, for one, am thoroughly sick of said leaves and the lifestyle that seems to come with them. So this is my tiny little protest againist the dominiate business in my community.


Dudie Phre

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Announcing my cool new travel store at Featuring handmade items made by me from things that I have collected from all around the globe. To view my shop go to

Here is Peter modeling a znazy reclaimed hoodie featuring the Czech Republic. It can be yours for the asking….and a few dollars too. Or if you want one with your favorite country on it just let me know. I live for custom orders.


Or you can have this very cool apron with a map of Madagascar on it. Chef not included.


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